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Kevin Jordan is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Jordan Technology, LLC, a Mississippi-based Technology company. Jordan Technology, founded in 2013 as a one-man business in Ridgeland, Mississippi, has now grown to become one of the quickest growing Technology Firms in the State of Mississippi.

Kevin Jordan created Jordan Technology at the age of 18 upon graduating with a High School Diploma from Jim Hill High School in Jackson, Mississippi. Proceeding to college, Kevin attended Jackson State University where he studied Computer Engineering. Afterwards, working for several Fortune 500 Tech Companies in Mississippi before and during the development of Jordan Technology. Within 1-year of business, with extensive growth in the residential market, Kevin took Jordan Technology and its operations to the next level and began targeting specifically Small Business. Within 2-years, by 2016, Jordan Technology customer base reached an impressive 75% business ratio. During this time, Kevin reinvested all profits of the business into it's expansion and innovation.

Kevin Jordan owns 4 business - Jordan Technology (Technology company), Jordan Designs (Design company), The Fordan Foundation (Non-Profit Organization) and XL Pro Gaming (eSports Gaming Team). Kevin has been recongized for his entrepreneurial achievements throughout his career, despite starting at an early age of 18. Prior to the age 18, Kevin has successfully created and operated a range of organizations and projects, including a Grave Yard Thunder (percussion drumming organzation), Global Chatter Network (online Blog), Project Gaming (online gaming community), as well as Street Bullies Car Club (sports car club organization).


AT&T, Inc.
U.S. Next, Inc.
Madison Computer Center, LLC
Sync I.T. Solutions
Sync Computer Repair
Renasant Bank
Jordan Designs, LLC
The Jordan Foundation, Inc.


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